POTD: Dualities #4

POTD: Dualities #4Dualities #4 Navajo Nation, Arizona 2013

On the left is a  section of canyon wall in Canyon de Chelly with some flaking desert varnish (the black stains on the sandstone walls). On the right is a shot of some old plywood in a junk pile in Ganado Wash near where I was staying. On the left I see a dog, on the right, I’m not sure, perhaps a map of the lost continent of Atlantis.]]>

9 thoughts on “POTD: Dualities #4”

    1. Thanks Bruce, Kathy, and Teresa. I guess that could be a bear. (Heck it can be whatever you want it to be!) But I saw a Scotty dog, or maybe a Doberman.

  1. I saw a horse until I read your description, so I can see as dog or bear too. The right one is not so easy.. I kind of like your idea of a map. But if I stare at it long enough the mishapened piece on the left looks like a sheep sitting up. The head is in the middle of the picture. But I really have to work the imagination for that one.

  2. Apparently today is Rorshach’s birthday. I woudn’t know that but Google’s daily doodle is in celebration of him. And there are several inkblots to look at. I think your’s are easier to see something than his.

  3. That’s interesting that Randy sees a sheep. I also see a sheep and a sheep shearer. The sheep in on its back with his head raised looking like “What the…?”

    1. This is making me wish I had some psychiatric training in order to assign some significance to all these interpretations of this image! What a coincidence that it’s Rorshach’s birthday.

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