POTD: Dualities #3

POTD: Dualities #3Dualities #3 Navajo Nation, Arizona 2013

On the left is some “desert varnish” stains on the wall above the White House Ruins in Canyon de Chelly. On the right is some graffiti in an abandoned school at Salina Springs. A couple of notes about the creative process that went into this series. All these parings came about after the fact–I did not go out seeking images to put together this way. I came up with the matches during the editing and weeding out process I go through with all the photos I take. The pairings just popped into my head unplanned, but after becoming aware that I had started a series (if two or three can be considered a series) I then then more or less consciously started looking for others. It’s a much harder process when you’re concentrating on doing it than it is when it just happens! Some of the images in these pairs are separated by both time (days between photographing them) and distance (miles apart). Other pairs occurred within a much shorter time and distance, on the same outing.]]>

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  1. This pair is delicious, Larry! I want to see these both big and small. I wonder how the print size would impact their visual effect.

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