POTD: Latent Potential #6

POTD: Latent Potential #6Latent Potential #6 Bozeman, Montana 2013

I’m sure there a more correct name, but I’ve always called these foxtails.


5 thoughts on “POTD: Latent Potential #6”

    1. Thanks Judy. Yes there is color in the image. I only partially desaturated the image, so it’s sort of half way between color and b&w. The other color images in this series were done the same way, but for some reason this one ended up looking more monochrome than the others. It’s a fun/frustrating exercise to do the arrangements. I have in my mind a certain pattern and then have to try and find the right grass stems that are willing to cooperate. For example they look so straight and orderly when growing in the yard but not so much when I actually try to line them up in parallel lines. I guess straight lines are more of a relative concept than I had thought.

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