POTD: On the Line

POTD: On the LineOn the Line Bozeman, Montana 2011

With a shadow-darkened ridge in the background, power lines illuminated by the early morning sun glow as if lit from within.


3 thoughts on “POTD: On the Line”

    1. Thanks Kathy. Great minds think alike, huh? Actually I think I may like your’s better than mine. I also like the abstract stair image from Philipsburg that follows it.

  1. Thanks, Larry! BTW, just got & read Lenswork #107 with your “Lives Real & Imagined” portfolio. Until I read the opening statement, I didn’t understand the title. It helped me appreciate the images more. My favorite is the one of the girl with the backpack looking at the “oversized” painting of a woman’s face. Almost seems like the girl is looking in/at a mirror. Very nicely seen!

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