POTD: Senior Year

Senior Year Bozeman, Montana 2012

I was just trying out a few techniques the other day and came up with this treatment for one of my favorite raven photos. I wonder if there is a career to be had in bird senior portraiture. Surely they have graduation ceremonies.]]>

5 thoughts on “POTD: Senior Year”

    1. Carol, I’m sure (or hope I’m sure) that your comment was more about current trends in informality in portraiture than it was a dig on my lack of creativity! 🙂

  1. About the color thing…here you’ve used blue, a cooler color (temp wise) than the brown & green combo in the previous day’s photo. This is appropriate here, I think, giving the picture a more formal appearance. Maybe that color is t he result of the overcast lighting, but it’s still a color component adding to the photo.

    1. I’m not sure how so much blue crept into the raven in this photo, other than it was a sunny day and the background was snow so the sky was determining the color cast. (The tint was probably enhanced by all the Photoshop manipulations, although it was not done intentionally.) Don’t even remember off hand how I created the darker background. But I do like the effect, even though in general I’m more of a warm tint than a cool tint kind of guy.

  2. After I posted the comment, I wondered if it could possibly come off as a comment of your creativity. No, non, and nee! Only a comment about how different (and somewhat better, in my opinion) senior photos are now. Ravens naturally pose like this, but we were put into positions that only occurred that one time in our lives. At least, I’ve never sat like outside of a studio.

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