POTD: White Tulips #2

White Tulips #2 Bozeman, Montana 2012

Yesterday I showed how I created a simple composite image, White Tulips #1, from a single photograph. Today’s image was created from another photograph of the same white tulips. In this case I extracted a triangular shape (specifically a 45-45-90 degree isosceles triangle) from the original photo that looked like this: I duplicated the triangular photo, flipped it over to create a mirror image, and then merged the two pieces together to form a square: This square image was then duplicated three times, each duplicate flipped appropriately, and then the four pieces merged to get the final larger square with the circular image, White Tulips #2, above. Note the interesting mosaic look at the center of the circular image. These complex designs appear often in this kind of mosaic. They are somewhat magically created from the simple act of combining the triangular pieces into a circle. I find it curiously hard to relate them back to the details of the photo from which they are formed. Tomorrow I’ll show the final image I came up with using combinations of today’s and yesterday’s photo.]]>

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