POTD: Sammy #1

Sammy #1 Bozeman, Montana 2012

Sammy is a 19 year old red-tailed hawk. She is a resident at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center in Bozeman. The center’s main mission is to serve as a rehabilitation facility for injured raptors, with the ideal goal of their eventual re-release into the wild. Some of the birds they save are not capable of fending for themselves and are adopted by various other facilities or become permanent residents, serving in the center’s educational programs. I got a chance to visit the center and take a few quick photos of some of the education birds.]]>

1 thought on “POTD: Sammy #1”

  1. 19 years old! Wow! She would never have lived that long in the wild, I’ll bet! What’s the genus of raptors? Is there another bird folio in the offing?

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