POTD: Roof Line

Roof Line Chicago, Illinois 2011

I took this photo without really thinking about it; I just liked the water trickles and the glow of the equipment and especially the roof line. A very graphic image. Later I realized I may have subconsciously been thinking of the image of Paul Strand’s shown below that I’ve admired for a number of years. I like Strand’s composition better.

Paul Strand The Court New York City, New York 1924


3 thoughts on “POTD: Roof Line”

  1. Channeling Paul Strand is not a bad thing! 🙂 I agree that Strand’s is more dynamic because there are more lines. Did you try cropping the top severely (more to a pano on the bottom)? It might strengthen the effect….or not…

    1. Yeah, channeling Paul Strand is not a bad thing; I just need to do it better! I don’t think cropping to a pano would help much, there’s still just the one u-shaped roof line compared to Strands nicely arranged collection of them. If I was in NYC it might be fun to try and track down that view of Strands–if it still exists. It would be like looking for Ansel Adams tripod leg holes at Yosemite (pointless from a creative standpoint but fun in a historical sense).

  2. Looking for Ansel’s tripod holes….been there, done that! 🙂 Strand’s vantage point itself is probably gone, let alone the view!

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