POTD: Within, Without

Within, Without Budapest, Hungary 2011

Show me almost any photo I’ve taken in the last 40 years out of context and I think about 99 percent of the time I could still tell you when and where it was taken, who I was with etc. But there are the occasional exceptions and this photo from a year ago that I just came across is one of them. I know where it was taken because of the collection of photos it was in, but I sure don’t remember taking it or what kind of store that was. I wouldn’t even be sure I took the photo, except there I am pointing the camera at myself. And what are those shiny things anyway? In that same vein, my cousin Carol and I were recently talking about another  photo– one of our mothers that I took, well, let’s just say a “few” years ago when we were both teenagers. Neither one of us could remember much about that rare gathering of our distant families and she speculated that she wouldn’t really have “remembered” it at all if it weren’t for the photo.   I guess sometimes photos don’t preserve memories as much as they create them.]]>

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  1. Yeah, what IS all of that shiny stuff?
    With my memory, if I didn’t have photos of times in my life, I wouldn’t even know that I had a past!

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