POTD: Tuned In, Tuned Out

Tuned In, Tuned Out Budapest, Hungary 2012

I was at a movie matinee yesterday. There were only eight people in the theater (just the way I like it). So wouldn’t you know it, the woman who was sitting closest to me (aside from the Fashion Queen) got bored I guess and decided to do some texting on her cell phone. Is there an app that allows you to text a virtual dope slap to a complete stranger?]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Tuned In, Tuned Out”

  1. That title definitely speaks to the image. Everyone is really in their own little world. Cell phone etiquette is always an annoyance!

    1. Well, I’d have to say it is the lack of cell phone etiquette that is the true annoyance. And it goes beyond simple etiquette. There is a law in Bozeman against use of cell phones while driving which is regularly ignored. Given that driving while using a cell phone is supposedly as dangerous as driving drunk, I think that is the height of arrogance. O.K. time to jump down off the soap box.

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