POTD: Front and Center

Front and Center Bozeman, Montana 2012

I almost called this one “semi-symmetree” but,  thinking I ought to take the photo a little more serious than that, couldn’t quite bring myself to that level of “punditry.”]]>

8 thoughts on “POTD: Front and Center”

  1. I like the impression that the center tree is standing at the front of the stage & the trees behind are “supporting characters”. The “manufactured” item on the right edge I find a bit troubling. Retouching it would also mean removing its shadow. Maybe it needs to stay like that post in the earlier shot…Thoughts?

    1. Kathy you caught me being lazy. I noticed the distraction of that boxy object on the right after I’d already prepared the image for the POTD so decided to not bother fixing it. (You may have noticed that the POTDs don’t always meet the same standards I use for exhibition or sale prints–for daily posts I lower my expectations for myself for expediency purposes.) Anyway, if I were to redo the image now, I think I would just crop it a little tighter to eliminate the box. That leaves the box’s shadow but then there is a similar shadow on the left side of the image to match it, further enhancing the “semi-symmetree” of the photo.

  2. So understand the “expediency” criteria for you to keep up your photo a day schedule! 🙂 Will “relax” my critiques accordingly!

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