POTD: Five O'Clock Shadow #2

Five O’Clock Shadow Bozeman, Montana 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Among any number of other things I’m lucky to have (e.g. a revitalized heart, clearer vision, and the Fashion Queen), I’m also thankful for all my loyal POTD readers who give me great motivation to keep working at my photography every day. I took this photo last night during what so far this year is a rare winter snowfall. (It’s kind of odd to just have a skiff of snow on the ground this late in November around here.) It isn’t a part of a series of images like the ones with numbered titles usually are. It’s just that I realized that I had used this title before in this post from 2011. Except in the case of a planned series, I try and think of unique names for each post. But after 8+ years of POTDs it may be I’m running out of original thoughts.  ]]>