POTD: Fire Season is Over

Fire Season is Over Bozeman, Montana 2012

I enjoy winter weather but the older I get the longer it seems to last–so long that I’m tired of it way before it’s over. So I’m fine with it taking its own sweet time to show up each October as it always does. This year is different though. The summer was so dry and there were so many wild land fires I was actually anxious for the first snow to arrive.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Fire Season is Over”

  1. Fire season is not over yet in Colorado (although there is 3 inches of the white stuff on my lawn), as there are 3 active fires burning today in RMNP, Mesa Verde and west of Pueblo.

    1. Steve, perhaps I’m being a bit optimistic with that claim. No active fires near here but temps are going back up into the 50s next week so the snow will be gone, at least at the lower elevations. I can certainly say that fire season is over for me in terms of actually being able to fight the fires. Not much you can do when you’re not supposed to lift more than eight pounds. I guess I could drive a truck and push a pencil for whatever that’s worth.

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