POTD: Act of Valor #4

Act of Valor #4 Anaconda, Montana 2012

A defunct casino with a busted toilet outside the back door and a long load of junk in the back of a pick-up bed trailer with a Santa Claus cap as it’s red flag–I can’t tell if this scene is poignant or just plain funny in an ironic sort of way.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Act of Valor #4”

  1. Which town is Anaconda and which one is Butte? One of them has a very nice golf course city park open spacedown on the flat. I believe the other has a big FedEx depot there.

    1. Steve, if there is a big Fed-Ex depot in either one, it’s likely Butte since it’s much bigger. As far as golf, I’m almost as clueless, although I did read that there is a Jack Nicholas designed golf course near Anaconda (probably at Fairmont Hot Springs). Like I said, Butte is much bigger, the home of the big pit mine with the poisonous water that is slowly rising towards the water table. It is also Evel Knievel Days and one raucous St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Aside from it’s own Superfund site that competes well with Butte’s for environmental damage, Anaconda has only the big stack from the smelter left after the smelter was torn town (with some of it’s parts recycled into our mountain house way back when).

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