POTD: Act of Valor #2

Act of Valor #2 Anaconda, Montana 2012

This one could have been included in my Patriot’s Dream series. There are other flag images in this Anaconda series as well, and there was no shortage of them in town to photograph. In times of stress, economic or otherwise, do people rely on their patriotism for comfort much the same way they do their religion?


4 thoughts on “POTD: Act of Valor #2”

  1. There you go again with those clouds!
    You post a good question. (I have a guess at the answer, but it’s only a guess from my observations and not scientifically proven.)

    1. I have a guess too, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter; if it works for someone that’s great (as long as the unintended side effects aren’t too severe). (How’s that for beating around a potentially thorny bush?)

  2. There are a lot of other things that people do for comfort in times of stress which have side effects that can be very severe. All things can be of help while also having the potential to do harm.

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