POTD: Measures of Anonymity #12

Measures of Anonymity #12 Denver, Colorado 2012

This is about the most sterile looking apartment complex I think I’ve seen. But it’s clean and well kept up.


2 thoughts on “POTD: Measures of Anonymity #12”

  1. While it still has some aspects of anonymity, I think this building shows a lot more character than the “skyscraper” shots earlier in the series. For me the brick and the recessed areas help to break up the monotony compared to steel & glass.

    1. I agree it is less anonymous–which is of course goes to the point of the collection to show how variations in architecture can symbolize the varying states of anonymity one feels (or I feel anyway) in the city. Sometimes I feel totally “just another cog in the machine” in the city and sometimes a bit more unique and/or an integral part of the surroundings.

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