POTD: Measures of Anonymity #10

Measures of Anonymity #10 Denver, Colorado 2012

When I lived in an old adobe house in Tucson too many decades ago, I made my own adobe bricks when I decided to enclose the patio. This building facade reminds me of the repetitive pattern of the mold I used to form the bricks. It also brings to mind rows on rows of jail cells in some massive surreal prison–probably not the effect the architect was going for. I note some expression of individuality though; some of the curtains in the windows are open.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Measures of Anonymity #10”

  1. I enjoy the diagonal lines of this composition more than the vertical/horizontal repetitions of some of the other images. Ironically, this might mean that this image does not as strongly convey that idea of “prison” or being “trapped” in an anonymous setting as well as the ones that are more regular. An interesting development of this idea…..

    1. I agree that this pattern,for whatever reason, seems less anonymous (if I can use that term to encompass all the ideas of confinement, isolation, conformity, etc. that these images are meant to infer). But then my idea was to think about how degrees of anonymity can be inferred from building design and the like. So I guess it’s working!

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