The Visitor

The Visitor Bozeman, Montana 2012

This cinnamon colored black bear stopped by the pond at our house for a dip a couple of days ago. He was obviously there just to play around. He swam back and forth for a while, rolled on his back and put all four feet in the air (yeah, I know, I should have been taking pictures of that but I was too busy gawking I guess), and then played with a bale of barley straw we’d put in the pond to control algae like it was a beach ball). My good camera was in my studio in a separate building. I might have gone to get it but I didn’t want to scare him away, although that might not have been likely as I believe it was the same bear who broke into our neighbors house and was chowing down in their kitchen–and continued to do so after they came home and tried to scare him away. So, I had to take this photo with my cell phone.]]>

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