POTD: Shut-Up and Deal

Shut-Up and Deal Missoula, Montana 2012

While in Missoula last week for the Montana Triennial 2012 art exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum (which included four of my photographs), I went out walking and looking for good photo-ops for an hour on Thursday night and then again for three hours the next morning. Occasionally I have periods of time when–as I like to put it–everything looks like art to me. This altered state of mind, often the result of viewing art in a museum or gallery, puts me into a highly creative mode photographically and I get a higher number of interesting photos than I normally do in such outings. This was the case both times I went out in Missoula. So for the next little while, POTDs will be from those Missoula moments. Friday night was spent mostly walking around in a gentle rain and playing the (benign) voyeur, shooting scenes through windows and such, such as these poker players in a bar downtown.]]>

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  1. I play a social game with friends every month or two. As the evening wears on, the play and rules tend to get sloppy. You know you’ve crossed the line when a member starts saying things like, “In the gaming rooms in Montana, they’ll fold your cards and take your bets for something like that”, -which sounds less than social.

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