POTD: Patriot's Dream #31

Patriot’s Dream #31 Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

Hot babes direct to you–complete with promises to make your American Dream come true no doubt.


6 thoughts on “POTD: Patriot's Dream #31”

  1. Pretty strange idea. I also notice a Walgreens and a souvenir shop. I suppose all three together might tell you something. I remember a song with the line “I got a souvenir in London”. Maybe Procal Harem? But I can be pretty uptight about some things. Don’t even get my pizzas delivered.

    1. You know Bruce, that may be the only song of Procol Harem’s besides Whiter Shade of Pale I’ve ever heard. Quite a bit of difference in style between the two songs.

      1. Oh, I was wrong of course. I certainly remember Procol Harem’s Conquistator and probably others if I thought about it long enough.

  2. Complete with a Walgreen’s logo…isn’t that the new “American way”? Hot babes & drugs, whether illicit or prescription for so many older citizens….just a cynical perspective this morning!

    1. Thanks for your comments Bruce and Kathy. This post seems to have struck quite a bit of cynicism and free association–although anymore there seems to be only a fine line between cynicism and just telling it like it is in regards to the state of the State.

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