POTD: Fracture

Fracture Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

I can’t decide if the break in the pattern on the side of this building (due to a long balcony opening) adds to or detracts from the composition. I think in theory some form of interruption in a pattern piece like this makes it more interesting; it’s just that in this case I’m not sure that this particular break in the pattern is aesthetically pleasing.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Fracture”

  1. Hi Larry,
    For me there is too much of a break in the pattern. Maybe if there were less of that black rectangle, I might accept it more. This photo seems unbalanced to me, at least compared to the others you’ve shown.
    My two cents….

    1. Thanks Kathy. Your two cents and mine match up pretty well. Perhaps the image’s main socially redeeming value is that its artistic discordance (?) provides a vehicle for thought about what does or doesn’t make a good composition.

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