POTD: Lizbeth

Budapest, Hungary

Living out in the hinterlands like I do, I’m not up on all the current urban fashion trends. I’ve seen a lot of piercings, chains, etc. on women and men but I believe this is the first woman (excluding those in cop uniforms) I’ve seen carrying handcuffs as a fashion accessory. Interestingly, this young woman didn’t seem to be otherwise unusually adorned. They give her kind of a dangerous, bad girl look–which was the inspiration for the title (which will test how up you are on current literature and cinema).

10 thoughts on “POTD: Lizbeth”

  1. This whole series has been very cool. You really get a lot out of your travels. Last week I got a chance to see Ansel Adams’s museum set. Wow, what an amazing collection. 70 incredible images printed by the master himself. I’ve had a good year for viewing original work. I’ve had the chance to view Kenna, Adams and Blackwood. Oh and did that gal have any unusual tattoos on her?

  2. Excellent! I immediately made the association! Waiting for the 3rd book to come out in paperback but may borrow a copy from the library for airplane reading. Have a great holiday!

  3. It would have been more impressive with a bit spiked hair, or if we could see that tattoo on her back. One of the most intriguing trilogy of books I’ve read in some time. Quite gruesome and violent, but still an interesting story line. Supposedly there is a manuscript for a fourth book, but apparently it is tied up in a legal squabble. I’ve watched the 3 foreign movies, it will be interesting to see if the US version can do the story justice.

    1. Randy, she was moving down the street so fast I could barely keep up with her enough to get the photo (and no, it wasn’t me she was moving so fast to try and get away from). I’ve seen the Swedish movies too and liked them quite a bit. It’s going to take some getting used to seeing different actors in the Hollywood version, especially Daniel Craig for some reason.

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