POTD: Paparazzi

Budapest, Hungary

A gaggle of tourists photographing the altar at Hungary’s largest church.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Paparazzi”

    1. Judy, I think allowing photographs helps bring in the visitors and while most of the churches don’t charge to get in to view them, they have contribution boxes prominently displayed. The contributions must help a lot with the upkeep of the churches (which must be expensive if only because of their size), so us tourists are helpful in that way. But I feel sorry for the few people I usually see who are trying to actually pray or whatever–the distraction of the tourists must be huge.

  1. Hi, Judy. Hope you’re doing well. Larry, isn’t it a murder of tourists, given that they’re shooting the altar. (I apologize in advance for the quality of the joke.)

    1. Jim, thanks for alerting me to the fact that your comment was supposed to be a joke. (I’m sure you had your hand in the air when you typed it.) When I figure out what’s actually funny about it, I’ll be sure and have a good laugh. 🙂 Actually the tour bus tourists do seem to flock in like a swarm of crows looking for carrion so the name is probably very apropos.

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