POTD: The Hall of the Mountain King #6

The Hall of the Mountain King #6
Budapest, Hungary

The old stone structures I dubbed the Hall of the Mountain King ended with this fence railing, about 1/2 mile from where the first of this series of photos was taken. The crow with the ring in it’s beak is the symbol of King Matthias Corvinus, the crow king. So I guess he’s also the king of the mountain to whom I’ve been referring.

The lighting in this photo was from car headlights–I had to wait for cars to go by on the road to take the photo because otherwise it was too dark. The crow in the background (at the left end of the railing) looks like the shadow of the foreground crow cast on the rock wall.  But it is actually a second sculpted metal crow. Even though I took the photo and know better, every time I glance at it my mind says it’s a shadow.

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