POTD: The Hall of the Mountain King #3

The Hall of the Mountain King #3
Budapest, Hungary

Forty plus years is a long time for a song lyric fragment to be bouncing around in my head. That’s plenty of time for it to morph into something else.  It turns out the song lyric I was remembering mentioned neither a hall or a mountain; it was actually In the Court of the Crimson King recorded by King Crimson in 1969. I recognized it immediately as the tune I was thinking of when I listened to it. No surprise that I got it twisted around. What is surprising is that my friend Orion took the sketchy information I provided and found the correct tune in a very short time. Something Google couldn’t do–I’m impressed!

In the Court of the Crimson King was never one of my favorite songs or I’d post a video of it, but you can see it here if you’d like.

6 thoughts on “POTD: The Hall of the Mountain King #3”

  1. I thought you were referring to The Animals. Eric Burdan, the “overfed long haired leaping gnome” sang those lyrics in “Spill The Wine”.

    1. Jan, it’s funny how the mind works (or doesn’t). I remembered only the one line and nothing else from the King Crimson song but I remember the music and most of the lyrics from Spill the Wine–the one about the hall of the mountain kings. Go figure.

  2. Despite your not intending to reference Grieg’s music, I think these images evoke the tenor of his piece pretty well. Thanks again for sharing these!

    1. Thanks Kathy. I also felt that Grieg’s piece fit well with the images. I wish I could claim that more high-brow inspiration for the name for this series but my musical mind is more tuned to rock and roll than anything else.

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