POTD: The Hall of the Mountain King #1

The Hall of the Mountain King #1
Budapest, Hungary

Just across the Danube from where we were staying in Budapest is a busy road and along this busy road is a linear structure built along the cliff face of the hills running up the river. It appears to be nothing more than a set of entries with connecting fences, but the  entries don’t seem to lead to anything other than the cliffs themselves (although there are some fragments of paths and holes, perhaps tunnels, in the rocks). On one end, they may have some connection to the Rock Church, a Catholic Church built into the mountain. If so, it’s a part of the church that has been neglected for years, as opposed to the main part which is kept up and frequented by visitors. Other than that, I’m not sure what function these structures originally served and they seem quite neglected and ignored even though it is in such a busy location. The whole structure reminded me of a partial lyric from a song from the 60s or 70s about the hall of the mountain king, so I’ve named this short series of photos I’ll post this week after that lyric.

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