POTD: Congressional Caucus

Congressional Caucus
Bozeman, Montana

Yesterday’s photo was taken as a metaphor for various aspects of the social/political/economic situation in this country by at least one person, which spawned me to come up with the title for today’s photo.

3 thoughts on “POTD: Congressional Caucus”

  1. I like the way you’ve cropped for the composition (I’m assuming you cropped it). Isn’t it amazing that black birds represent such a range of tones. Interestling, in view of the title, the same number of birds are facing left as are facing right.

    1. Thanks Betty. I hadn’t noticed the left/right balance in the way the crows are facing. Perhaps that makes it not a particularly good representation of congress these days because I don’t get the feeling the liberals and the conservatives are doing that much mingling these days–just exchanging barbs and accusations via the news media.

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