POTD: Let It Be #4

Let It Be #4
Bozeman, Montana

This is one of those dome-shaped mirrors they mount on the ceiling so that you can see around corners in hallways in order to avoid collisions. Not much chance of a collision when I was there though. Or maybe it’s actually a one-way mirror concealing a camera, in which case there was probably some security guard watching and wondering what that guy was doing wandering up and down the hallway taking photos of everything and otherwise casing the joint. I kind of wish a security guard had shown up and questioned me; I could have used the diversion.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Let It Be #4”

  1. I love this photo!!! Wonderful framing.

    You know you’re having a boring/worrisome/difficult time when you would actually enjoy having a security guard to question you…

    1. All of the above (boring, worrisome, and difficult) applied. But as they say, all’s well that ends well. And there actually was a security guard who wandered through a couple of times that evening, checking to see if doors were locked etc. He totally ignored me and looked more bored than I was.

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