POTD: Five O’Clock Shadow

Five-O’Clock Shadow
Bozeman, Montana

This photo was actually taken several weeks ago when a five o’clock shadow would have been much longer due to the shorter days. A five o’clock shadow today might look like this except that all the recent snow has buried these cattails under a couple feet of snow.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Five O’Clock Shadow”

  1. Spectacular! I really like one with its subtle variations of “white”. The brighter spots are just in the right places.

    1. Thanks Frank and Betty. It’s interesting to get such enthusiastic comments on photos like this one, which I was somewhat ambivalent about myself. It gives me reason to go back and look at the image to see what I might have missed. Not that I want other people’s opinions to influence my own, but sometimes they cause me to take a more critical look at an image from a different perspective and gain (or not) a new appreciation for it.

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