POTD: One Last Breath

One Last Breath
Bozeman, Montana

I don’t know if we got the full 20 inches of snow that was predicted in yesterday’s storm, but it was well over a foot. A lot of stuff that was visible before is buried now.

2 thoughts on “POTD: One Last Breath”

  1. This is a good one!

    (I will now copy my profound statement so that I can paste it at any time for ease of future commenting). 😉

    This photo is beautiful and it gives me a sense of the peaceful quiet that comes with a new blanket of snow.

    Speaking of new blankets of snow… it’s looking pretty white and peaceful around here, too.

    1. Thanks Carol (I guess I should copy my profound reply too). Good to hear you got some snow, at least I think I heard that it was rather dry in that area recently so you could probably use the moisture.

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