POTD: Taking Your Shadow for a Walk

Taking Your Shadow for a Walk
Chimney Rock State Park

Some folks returning to their cars from a hike, as viewed from the top of Chimney Rock.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Taking Your Shadow for a Walk”

  1. Anybody out there really use those walking poles? I’ve looked at some in outdoor stores and cataloges with the intent of getting some sort of multipurpose adjustable poles to use for skiing, snowshoeing and hiking but I don’t because I just can’t see myself hauling the poles around on dry ground. Or I could see myself triping on a rock or debris and sprawling out and getting tangled and wounded by those walking sticks.

    1. A lot of people I hike with use two. I can’t keep up with most of them so who’s to argue about their effectiveness. I use one, mostly for stability going downhill. Connie refuses to use any, just one more thing to trip over (her own two feet being the other things).

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