POTD: Piled High

Piled High
Whitewater Draw, Arizona

I took a lot, as in several thousand photos of the sandhill cranes flying around at Whitewater Draw. (It’s easy to get that number of images in fairly short order if, like many cameras, mine will take 15-20 photos a second in burst mode.) A lot of those images were trashed immediately when I went through them at home due to poor focus, lighting, or other reasons. But a huge number remain. What I found when going through them is that I’m just not that interested in them the same way I am with crows, ravens, and other corvids. At least that’s true if they aren’t “posing” in some interesting way anyhow. So I won’t be posting many of them here, but will show a few if for no other reason than I spent so much time on them, both taking the photos and sorting through them all! I liked this image because of the way the four birds were stacked vertically.

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