POTD: Social Media #27

Social Media #27
Bisbee, Arizona

The term “social media” is so strongly tied to various forms of digital communication these days that it’s easy to forget that media in a broad sense just refers to any method of conveying information or expressing ideas. In that sense, social media is only recently a digital phenomenon and in fact has existed in other forms for, well, centuries or millennia. I came to this realization some years ago when considering large flat rocks in the southwest covered with myriad, almost overlapping, ancient petroglyphs conveying information or expression of ideas to others that might happen by. Since then I have been occasionally photographing other instances of social media along the continuum of technological sophistication from petroglyphs to twitter tweets, as well as the interesting remnants of those postings. (Yesterday’s POTD would fit into this collection as well, although I chose to name it otherwise.)

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