POTD: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

How to Stand Out in a Crowd
Whitewater Draw, Arizona

When you’re one in literally thousands wearing the same outfit, you have to do something special to stand out.

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    1. Nebraska is certainly much closer to you as well as us so that would be an advantage if your only purpose for traveling is to see them. We only went to Whitewater Draw because we were in Arizona. One advantage of seeing them in Whitewater Draw is that they are there for months rather than a relatively short time while actually migrating so timing isn’t nearly the same concern.

    1. They are sandhill cranes. They’re quite common in our area of Montana in the summer, migrating south in the winter. We called out for the Montana cranes to identify themselves down there in Arizona but their voices weren’t distinguishable from all the rest so we couldn’t figure out which ones they were. 🙂

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