January 2023

POTD: The Problem With Sunsets

The Problem With Sunsets
Mojave National Preserve, California

It’s not really a problem with sunsets themselves, rather it’s a problem with digital photography. You can see a perfect sunset and create a photograph of it that is extremely true to life, but given Photoshop’s enhancement capabilities, no one will believe you. Be that as it may, this image is as close to the simply lovely sunset colors I saw last Christmas Eve as I could get it. I believe that is the planet Venus in the middle right portion of the photo. I’m not sure though as one reason I had my camera out that evening was because it was possible to see Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn all at the same time.

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POTD: Color Guard

Color Guard
Mojave National Preserve, California

I can wander around photographing, very comfortably thinking in terms of black and white compositions, when I come across something that just has to be shown in color. It’s good to shake things (my brain in this case) up once in a while I guess. I actually saw several barrel cacti with these brightly colored thorns but this one was the only one I saw surrounded by an almost complete ring of protective brush–as if such a cactus needs protection.

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Mojave National Preserve, California

Out on a bike ride one day, I came across a small herd of horses. At first I thought they might be wild horses, although I wasn’t aware there were any in that area. But I soon realized they were anything but. Not only were they way less small and gaunt the the wild horses I’ve seen before, there were also way more curious and friendly (or maybe just bored). Discovering they were wearing horseshoes was the ultimate giveaway as to their domestic status.

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POTD: Still Life With Art Deco

Still Life With Art Deco
Hoover Dam, Nevada

I’m a sucker for the elegant simplicity of art deco architectural details, of which the Hoover dam abounds. In this case the neatly arranged bench and custodial accoutrements see well placed to add some interesting accents to accompany the understated exit door. (And the piece of trash under the bench adds some tension to the otherwise very orderly scene.)

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