POTD: Still Life With Art Deco

Still Life With Art Deco
Hoover Dam, Nevada

I’m a sucker for the elegant simplicity of art deco architectural details, of which the Hoover dam abounds. In this case the neatly arranged bench and custodial accoutrements see well placed to add some interesting accents to accompany the understated exit door. (And the piece of trash under the bench adds some tension to the otherwise very orderly scene.)

6 thoughts on “POTD: Still Life With Art Deco”

  1. Stephen E Johnson

    Do you remember which direction the dam and doors face? When I was a teen, our family visited the dam and in those days, took the tour into the bowels of the power plant. We hurriedly moved from the air conditioned car across a searingly hot expanse (July), to the welcome coolness of the interior of the dam. I was the fortunate son that got to start the car and and turn the AC on. I think I still have muscle memory of the shock of walking back through the doors into the reflected summer desert sunshine and heat and into the car that must have had an interior temperature of 160 d F. I probably wasn’t into the aesthetics of art deco in my teen years. Teens are more in tune with visceral than cerebral experience I suppose.

    1. I believe the dam runs east-west more or less. Not sure what doors you’re referring to. We didn’t go inside any of the buildings or the dam, just walked around outside across the dam.

  2. I’m enjoying your photos from Hoover Dam. They remind me of my childhood visit with family decades ago as well as more recent visits to the dam and Lake Mead when I lived in Las Vegas in the early 90s. The visitor center inside is a striking design too.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the photos. You have me wishing we had gone inside. We are too crowd averse for that these days it seems. Of course we were there not too many years pre-covid too and didn’t go in then either. I’m not sure what my excuse was then.

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