POTD: Shelf Test

Shelf Test
Bozeman, Montana

Just messing around with my new camera looking for subjects to try it out on, so I pointed it at some of the miscellany on my windowsill.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Shelf Test”

    1. I bought a Fujifilm X-T5. I’ve been using Fujifilm X-T* cameras since they first came out eight years ago. I started with the X-T1, then bought the X-T2 two years later, then the X-T3 two years after that. When The X-T4 came out two years ago, I skipped it as I did not feel it had any significant advantage over the X-T3 for still shots. (For video it did, but that’s not my thing.) The X-T5 had several advantages over the X-T3 that appealed to me so I couldn’t resist the upgrade.

        1. I sometimes still miss my Canon DSLR, which I kept through the first couple of iterations of the Fujifilm cameras. But I finally sold it and my big zoom lens to simplify my equipment cache.

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