POTD: Iron Cross

Iron Cross
Bozeman, Montana

I must have been in junior high or high school when I first saw a gymnast doing the iron cross move on the rings. I was then, and still am, extremely impressed by the muscle strength it obviously takes to execute the move. As difficult as it seemed to be, when I was young I always thought that, at least theoretically if I chose to work out long enough and hard enough I might be able to do one too. I never did of course. Now, with a snapped bicep muscle and a shoulder in need of rotator cuff repair, I can’t even fool myself into thinking I could do one. In fact just thinking about trying one makes my arm hurt! It’s much less painful to just admire this magpie doing an aerial version.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Iron Cross”

  1. Stunning image! This magpie makes it look easy. I’ve always admired gymnasts who can achieve an iron cross and wondered how it is even possible!!

    1. Thanks Judy. I think it’s easy for any winged creature to do an iron cross-in a stop action photo anyway. Ask a bird to hold one for a few seconds and the result would be different! 🙂

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