POTD: Two Times Strange

Two Times Strange
Bighorn Canyon, Montana

I’ve hiked quite a bit in the Bighorn Canyon area at varying elevations and this is the only fossilized evidence I’ve seen of ancient sea/lake beds. Not only that, but searching the general area of this sighting yielded only a few other quite small fragments of a similar nature. So it certainly seemed strange to come across an interesting fossil specimen in the middle of a hiking trail. But it was doubly strange to see be two similar sized segments of rock with such different water patterns stacked one on top of the other. When I see such phenomena, my first thought generally is that I wished I knew more about the geology of the area so I could understand the context of what I am looking at. But on reflection, I think perhaps it’s better not to know the hows and whys as it removes all the mystery about the sighting.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Two Times Strange”

  1. Stephen E Johnson

    Maybe someday the Lost Croc (11/1/2022) will be part of a geological formation that those future hikers will puzzle over.

  2. Hi Larry,

    The NPS is interested in any fossils found in Bighorn Canyon. You might want to let them know about your 2 wave pattern fossils, especially if you can tell the rangers what trail you discovered them on.


    1. I don’t imagine they are a well-kept secret at all as they lay right in the middle of a trail, in fact a trail loop that on one end is called the State Line trail and on the other end Rangers Delight.

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