POTD: The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things
Bozeman, Montana

This is another rather random assortment of objects that resided on our kitchen counter (for too long the Fashion Queen might say) before I got around to taking them to my studio. My main interest in these objects for this photograph were the two dried flower blossoms. I was intrigued by their shape, form, texture and color altogether though the title of the image suggests it might be just the one thing. Something regarding their color might actually have been a better choice on which to base the title as it is of particular note given they are dried blossoms from a yellow primrose plant. When in full bloom, the blossoms are a lovely shade of yellow (not a surprising fact given the name), but for whatever reason when they start to wilt and die, they immediately start turning this striking red color.

6 thoughts on “POTD: The Shape of Things”

    1. I’ve seen collections of photos of “seen” faces in random objects before, they’re very fun and most include the surprised electric outlet face. And once you’ve seen those things, you can’t unsee them!

    1. I’m not sure I would have ever seen a face on that rock until you mentioned it. I do know that’s a very fascinating rock from several angles. In fact, photographed from a different angle, it’s been the subject of a POTD before (see it here).

      1. Oh, wow – it’s a very different rock from that angle – very interesting markings. I tend to see faces in lots of things – for example, a surprised expression in an electrical socket.

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