POTD: Spent Beauty #54

Spent Beauty #54
Bozeman, Montana

The same plant as yesterday, but photographed before I turned on the light tablet.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Spent Beauty #54”

  1. I am biased to color. But, I couldn’t help but notice that the back lighting of the color photo causes shadows, an element missing from the light tablet photo. I think that the shadows somehow complicates the composition for me.

  2. Maybe if the lower stems that don’t show many shadows were cropped out that might serve to “balance” the effect….

    1. Steve, the color version is certainly more “busy” looking, by virtue of the shadows but also the colors themselves. I see your point about the shadows but they don’t really bother me. If they did, I could/would certainly spend the time it would take to just clear those out of the image via the magic of Photoshop. I think the backlit black and white version looks almost like an x-ray. There’s a photographer I used to see online and at shows that I did who in fact did x-rays of plants etc. and was selling them. They were quite beautiful and often ethereal but did seem to get a bit gimmicky after a while.

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