POTD: Beans…

South Pass City, Wyoming

Upon seeing these shelves of canned goods with old-time labels, the Fashion Queen immediately started reading the labels out loud, starting with the single word “beans”. I immediately knew why she was doing this–it was a reference to one of my favorite movies. I won’t say what movie it was but here’s a (maybe) huge hint: it has something to do with Bob Dylan.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Beans…”

  1. Stephen E Johnson

    I was pretty sure that it was from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (Keep the change, Bob), but I really didn’t remember B.D.’s reciting vegetarian diet items. I did google to make sure….

    1. Yep, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. I believe we saw that film together way back when it first came out. And “Keep the change Bob” is another classic shoot ’em up film line that should rank right up there with one’s like “Do you feel lucky punk” and “I’ll be back.”

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