POTD: Creation Myth #4

Creation Myth #4
Bozeman, Montana

When a pine siskin met an untimely death in a freak accident at our bird feeder, I salvaged its wings because, well, that’s just the kind of thing I do sometimes. I placed the bases of the wings under this rock that was laying on our counter to force them to flatten out as they dried. Then the small jawbone I’d also found recently somehow ended up on top of the rock. This odd impromptu still life sat that way for a number of days until one day it came across to me as some sort of flying totem, so I photographed it. I worked it into this composite image sometime later. I saw it as another image that could be interpreted as illustrating some sort of pagan creation myth so have titled it as the next in the small series of creation myth images I’ve created from time to time. After sitting on the image for a while and then looking at it again, it now appears to me to be more apocalyptic than creative in nature. Perhaps I need to start a new series under that rubric, but for now, I’ll stick with the creation idea on this one.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Creation Myth #4”

    1. Thanks Carol. Those wings are beautiful, although they were even more so when they were on a live bird. 🙁

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