POTD: The Good With the Bad

The Good With the Bad
Leadville, Colorado

I looked up the web site referenced on this sign and support their efforts. Legal and safe abortions should be available everywhere. However, I found the sentiment expressed on the sign disturbing for a couple of reasons. While the “colorful” choice of words doesn’t particularly bother me personally, I fear it may turn a number of people off to the extent they won’t bother to look up the website. But more than that, the wording suggests a  wholesale condemnation of the Supreme Court. I may be a Pollyanna in thinking the court is still a largely sound institution even though it, in my view, made a horrible decision on abortion (and also some other cases as well). But if things have gone so far off the rails that we must disregard the institution as a whole, it’s much more depressing than the abortion decision itself. I’d feel better if they could do well-deserved yet targeted condemnation of their actions on specific decisions

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