POTD: Trouble on the Horizon

Trouble on the Horizon
Little Utah, Montana

Fortunately, the horizon is where this storm stayed as I was several miles down a dusty dirt two-track road that I imagine would have become a muddy, likely impassable, quagmire in the presence of rain. I liked the area a lot but was not prepared to spend several more days there waiting for things to dry out.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Trouble on the Horizon”

  1. DRAMATIC clouds! Their shapes echo the shapes of the small junipers? in the foreground. Glad the rain kept its distance, though distant cloudbursts can result in flash floods downstream.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I thought about the flash flood issue while there but I wasn’t down in the canyon when those clouds appeared on the horizon and the clouds were actually over another, different mountain range than the one I was in the foothills of, so there was really no flood issue where I was. Plus the small canyon I was in showed no signs of any past serious flooding (e.g. piles of driftwood high up against trees and rocks). So my only worry was a storm in my area later that would result in muddy roads.

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