POTD: So It Begins

So It Begins
Bozeman, Montana

I took this photo back when we were first seeing signs of winter here so it seems out of order given I’ve posted a series of photos from a more recent heavy snowfall. But I wanted to post it nonetheless as it is relevant to our current situation, or at least the accompanying story below.

My Uncle Glenn who lived in Ohio had a school bus that he converted to a camper. Every winter he drove it to Texas to live where it was warm until spring. Once he told my father that if he woke up to find he had to scrape frost off his windshield in Ohio then he knew he’d stayed up north too long. We’re not that adverse to cold weather, but we are on our way to Arizona for the months of January and February of 2022, so I suppose we’re getting there. Our schedule for our travels south is very weather dependent as we prefer not to travel on roads that are too icy or in weather that is too stormy. To the extent this trip entails much of either of those conditions, my uncle’s approach will seem wiser and wiser.

P.S. On the road two days now. Yesterday’s drive made my uncle’s approach seem very wise indeed.

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