POTD: Field Studies #6

Field Studies #6
Bozeman, Montana

The Nature Preserve, owned by the nearby hospital, will presumably last long into the future. Not so I don’t think for the wheat fields surrounding much of it and currently serving as a nice buffer. One day in the near future I imagine these fields will be filled with housing or commercial developments. That will make the small preserve seem even smaller and more closed in, not to mention much more busy. It will lose most of it’s rural feel and become much more like a city park; while it will still be a nice place to visit but not with the same ambiance.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Field Studies #6”

  1. Correct with that assessment.

    Got back from Phoenix and they can’t build fast enough in the desert. Of course water is a big problem but . . .

    1. Growth…and water is a problem all over the west. Bozeman had drought restrictions on water use much of the summer yet the city and county powers that be seem to have never met a new subdivision proposal they didn’t like. There is a reckoning coming here and elsewhere.

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