POTD: Selections From My Windowsill #6

Selections From My Windowsill #6
Bozeman, Montana

Bitterroot is the state flower of Montana but it is rare in our general area. So we are fortunate to have a regular showing of them every year on dry ridge on our land. Deep pink and showy when in full bloom, they dry to a delicate translucent creamy husk.

3 thoughts on “POTD: Selections From My Windowsill #6”

  1. I’ve been enjoying your Selections from My Windowsill series. I hadn’t heard about wish rocks — so many opportunities for wishes have gone unasked and unanswered…

    I finally had to comment because this photo is so delicate and beautiful. The way you did it, it reminds me of ballerinas dancing. Nice job!

    1. Thanks Carol. I have seen the ballerina similarity in the bitterroot husks as well. Also I think the wishes from all those wish rock sightings you may have have go into a bank from which you can draw out wishes as needed. 🙂

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