POTD: One More Cup of Coffee Before I Go

One More Cup of Coffee Before I Go
Death Valley, California

It was actually a cup of tea but then Bob Dylan never wrote a song about tea. Below is a cover version of his song. I’ve not heard better than Dylan’s own original recording but I like the video that goes with this one–it tells a gypsy version of the story.

6 thoughts on “POTD: One More Cup of Coffee Before I Go”

  1. Very atmospheric photo, as are all your photos I’ve seen. Love the video too. Good start to His Bobness week coming up.

      1. It’s not really called that; that’s just what I’m calling it. We have some interesting programmes on the BBC to celebrate Bob’s 80th. Particularly enjoying a radio series called It ain’t me you’re looking for: Bob Dylan at 80, in which Sean Latham, director of the Institute for Bob Dylan Studies at the University of Tulsa, is exploring his life, work and influences from a huge archive. The more I hear about Dylan, the less I understand him…

        1. I wasn’t aware of those programs Jill. I’ll have to see if I can access them. Thanks for the heads up! I gave up trying to figure out Dylan after reading and trying to understand anything from his book Tarantula many years ago. Love the name Bobfest by the way. Maybe you should alert the BBC that they’re missing a big opportunity by not using that name!

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