POTD: Patchwork

Lyndon, Kansas
circa 1973

I believe this photo is of the side of one of the two barns on my grandparents’ farm. One of those barns (my favorite) burned down after a lightning strike and the other was dismantled by a barn wood collector when the farm was liquidated when my grandmother moved into town after the death of my grandfather in 1983. (This image is from a color slide scan that I converted to black and white.)

2 thoughts on “POTD: Patchwork”

    1. I’m just going to guess that it was the early 80s when the barn closest to the house (my favorite) burned. I think the “Patchwork” photo was of a lean-to on the surviving barn. As I recall, that barn was still there until Grandma moved to town when it was sold for barnwood at the farm auction. I remember being in the near barn a number of times over the years but don’t ever remember going in the other one for some reason. I think maybe we were strongly discouraged from going in both of the barns?

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